Smartphones, Cellular Boosters, & Tablets

laptop-tablet-phoneOver a billion smartphones are deployed every year around the world. They have become the most common wireless tool in our personal and professional lives.

Nova Communications works with companies and government to provide a wide range of smartphones and tablets, including:

  • Smartphones, such as the Apple iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy lineups
  • Rugged smartphones like the Symbol TC55 and TC75 with barcode scanning capabilities
  • Tablets, such as the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab S
  • Rugged tablets like the Symbol ET1
  • Push-to-talk (PTT)–national PTT service using the rugged Somin Bolt  and XP7

Many of these devices are deployed on WiFi, and the vast majority are deployed on cellular. As a Bell Mobility partner, Nova can provide:

  • New device activations, deploying on the Bell Mobility network across Canada
  • Complementary offerings, like Wilson cell boosters for marginal coverage areas
  • Rate plan optimization for current Bell customers or those looking for a fresh option

We also specialize in business and government. Contact us today to discuss your smartphone and tablet needs, as well as any WiFi network requirements.

WeBoost 4G-S Drive Kit

Stay connected as you drive with the WeBoost 4G-S Drive signal booster kit. Designed for easy install, the 4G-S Drive keeps your phone connected to cellsites when trees, hills and buildings get in the way. Reduce dropped calls, widen your coverage area and improve data speeds on all Canadian networks with the Drive 4G-S. Boosts voice, 3G, and 4G services.