September 2016

robotic welding for manufacturing

MotoTRBO Applications and What It Can Do For Manufacturing: Bringing More Efficiency to Your Company

The world of manufacturing gets more complex every year with extra demands keeping up with competitors, new technologies, and clients. Communication is more imperative than ever to avoid downtime and getting your team coordinated or correcting mistakes. Fortunately, Motorola has long been available to help our great Canadian industries, including the manufacturing sector. Thanks to… Read More»

business man uses smart phone to send text on wireless network

Cellular Trends of 2016: Top Business Cell Phones and Accessories So Far This Year

All cellular trends of 2016 so far point to the undeniable success of the smartphone and its integration into the business platform. Considering any employee can access Internet, email and various work applications through mobile devices, it’s no surprise why the barrage of smartphones on the market continue to skyrocket. Here at Nova Communications, we’ve… Read More»

police officer uses two-way radio to relay information about driver

Motorola Remote Speaker Microphones Key to Success

Sometimes, when you’re working on the job, you don’t want to tie yourself to your mobile two way radio in your vehicle. A number of industries with mobile radios (with in-vehicle mount), including emergency services, utilities, couriers and public safety, shouldn’t feel limited when they decide to exit to do their work. Another thing they… Read More»