July 2016

examples of zebra wearable devices

Changing Workflow for Supply Chain Businesses With Wearable Solutions

Efficiency and productivity are at the forefront of better warehouse management and meeting the needs and expectations of the demanding customer. With the recent launch of total wearable solutions from Zebra Technology, the workflow in warehouses is expected to change for the better. According to Zebra, a Nova Communications partner, production in warehouses can increase… Read More»

tech guy checks wires on rack server

Safety Certifications at Nova Communications: Ensuring Installations and Maintenance Get Done Safely

Here at Nova Communications, we’ve helped many Canadian companies with their technology needs, which includes installation and maintenance. We do this through our expert field technicians who give you the technological upgrades needed to make your company run optimally. But if you have concerns about technicians working in challenging environments, you probably wonder about their… Read More»