June 2016

man uses iphone & ipad on wireless network

Cellular M2M Technology – How Does It Benefit Business?

Businesses have started recognizing the benefit of M2M cellular modem technology in workplaces and enterprises, as a tool to increase productivity and quickly modify information in real-time. Many of these advantages have been explored in a variety of industries due to its price for performance capabilities, some are still being developed. Nova Communications has branched… Read More»

man scans documents at facility

Barcode Scanner Software Soon Outdated – What You Need to Know

Are you a company that uses tablets, scanners and RFID-type devices? Whether that device is Zebra Technologies, used by Nova customers, or Honeywell, Psion and Datalogic, the software will soon be outdated. These brands, and former Motorola or Symbol-branded items running the Windows CE or Windows Mobile platform, will be out of support within four… Read More»