June 2016


Cellular M2M Technology – How Does It Benefit Business?

Businesses have started recognizing the benefit of M2M cellular modem technology in workplaces and enterprises, as a tool to increase productivity and quickly modify information in real-time. Many of these advantages have been explored in a variety of industries due to its price for performance capabilities, some are still being developed. Nova Communications has branched… Read More»

Zebra Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner Software Soon Outdated – What You Need to Know

Are you a company that uses tablets, scanners and RFID-type devices? Whether that device is Zebra Technologies, used by Nova customers, or Honeywell, Psion and Datalogic, the software will soon be outdated. These brands, and former Motorola or Symbol-branded items running the Windows CE or Windows Mobile platform, will be out of support within four… Read More»