December 2013

woman in dispatch centre communicates on two-way radio

Wireless Trends for 2014 #2 — Increasing Volume of Data, Especially Video

One of the top wireless communication trends set to grow exponentially in 2014 is the volume of wireless data, especially for video. Shift from Voice to Video  Traditionally, voice was the driver of wireless networks. While there’s no question that voice is still a staple, there is an increasing shift toward video, and the prevalence… Read More»

Electronic Logging for Fisheries

Wireless Trends for 2014 #1 — User Expectation of Wireless Anytime, Anywhere

With the year 2013 coming to a close, many organizations are looking ahead to plan for technology and trends that will emerge in wireless communication in 2014. Users Expect to Communicate Any Time, Anywhere A trend that will increasingly shape the way organizations use and implement wireless systems is users’ growing expectation to have access… Read More»